About Us

We are a young and diversified company brings together the best in media and technology. We drive innovation to link the Independent Producers and Independent Production Companies in the supply of film and short feature programming (TV contents plus e‐commerce) to our online platforms and also to airlines.

HTV brings you online streaming of worldwide movies and TV shows that entertains, inspire and delight audiences of all ages that you'll enjoy anywhere on any devices for free and also subscription based (ad free). HTV will continue to acquire and bring in more variety of contents from around the world by renowned producers and other hard‐to‐find contents not offered anywhere else to its library.

"HTVFun.com" is a content delivery platform for the web and “connected devices” using over‐the‐top (OTT) technology. "HTVFun.com" licenses digital VOD rights to catalogs from other distributors and independent filmmakers.

With the current landscape of the internet and viewing trends, more people are moving to entertainment through the internet, mobile devices and connected devices. If there is any errors appear in video, please reload the page first. Please report to us if errors reappear after reload. Thank you.




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